Hello, my name is Claire and I’m an artist living and working in Nashville, TN. I work primarily in watercolor, sometimes accented with touches of gouache and gold leaf. With a focus towards detail and color, I create delicately rendered works on paper. I feel particularly influenced by the intricate work of William Morris, the jewel like quality of Persian miniatures & illuminated manuscripts, and the scientific yet strange beauty of the works of John James Audubon and many early botanical illustrators.

My inspiration for subjects may come from any number of sources. It could be something I’ve read, observed on a walk, in a greenhouse, or botanical garden. Often, it is a change in the seasons or even an idea I seek to interpret through flora and fauna. I also find the alchemy of painting to be inspirational- to use objects often sourced from the environment (pigments derived from minerals, paper made of plants, brushes constructed of animal hair & wood, and water) to create an image of nature. To me, nothing comes quite as close to being actual magic. I am also deeply concerned with issues of conservation and leaving a healthy planet, and its flora & fauna, for future generations.

I grew up in Clarksville, TN, where I lived next door to my grandparent’s small farm and first discovered my love of nature. I attended Austin Peay State University and obtained my degree (BFA, Studio Concentration) in 2009.